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A visit to Indoestri Makerspace, a place for Selfmadepeople

In the West of Jakarta is a place where you can learn crafts. It is called Indoestri, where the process is seen more important than the end product, something I fully agree with. Like travelling: the road is more important than the destination. And same counts for awesome ice creams: the eating process – including that final bite of a chocolat tip cone – is way more important than finishing your snack.

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Discover Kuala Lumpur: twin towers, Chinatown, Central market and Merdeka square

And it was in a far corner of the Central Market where I found myself the perfect souvenir. A yoga sculpture, or at least, that is what I understood from Nathan, the owner of the antique shop, who gave me quite a lecture on the origins of the small statue.

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Biggest Baddest Bucket list – My Destination is Manila

Vandaag werden de tien genomineerde winnaars voor de BBB bekend en helaas, ik zit er niet bij. Dus daar gaat mijn weekje London voor de eindstrijd en de hoofdprijs zelf (Een reis over de wereld, 25 landen binnen 6 maanden, en een buidel van Vijftig Duizend Dollar als je die taak goed volbrengt…

Voor degenen die het helemaal gemist hebben hier nog mijn promotiefilmpje voor Manila!

Subject: Biggest, Baddest, Bucket List – The Finalists

Hi there Tet, It’s been a long old journey, but we got there in the end. Although our initial decision was to send all of you around the world, we were informed that we weren’t actually allowed to do that. Therefore, we are sorry to say that you are not one of the Top 10 Finalists in the Biggest, Baddest Bucket List.

We appreciate the time, effort, heart and soul you put into creating your entry for the competition and we want to thank you so very, very much for taking part in the first place. We really couldn’t have made this campaign what it has become without you.

Seriously. There were over 1,550 entries from more than 640 destinations around the world and we worked day and night to try and get our huge list of superstars down to just ten candidates. We read every travel tale, watched every piece of footage submitted and gazed longingly at each and every photograph.

We very much enjoyed your video, showing us your beloved Manila! We loved how well you interacted with the locals and showed us the many exciting facets of a destination you are clearly passionate about. We can’t believe that was a pineapple either, we hope it tasted as good as it looked. It is quite obvious the amount of effort and thought you put in.

We hope you’ve enjoyed participating in the competition, and we very much hope you will continue to follow it as the next stage unfolds…it is far from over yet! And you never know, the overall winner could be visiting a destination near you soon, and there’s a rumour going round that we’ll be looking for local guides to help us find the best possible places to visit, so do keep an eye out

In addition, we will continue showcasing the amazing content you have created across our social channels and on our competition site. The network of travel-mad and very talented individuals this competition has allowed us to connect with can only get bigger and better over time, and we would love to keep the #MyBBB community thriving. Please do not ever hesitate to come and talk to us on Twitter or Facebook, or drop us a message if you fancy! We’re always willing to talk travel 🙂 From all of us here at My Destination… THANK YOU!

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