The Blue Fire Ghosts of Kawah Ijen

The climb of Gunung (mount) Kawah Ijen was steep and cold, very cold. I was not prepared for such an icy wind in the tropical island of Java. After a couple of hours we reached the rim and descended into the crater. Meanwhile miners were passing the hikers upwards. A shame: if I say a fifty hikers for each miner, then I even estimate it low.

The miners carry baskets with at least 50 kilo sulfur each as they are paid by the kilo. The more the better, but not for their health. Once approaching the sulfur mine, the penetrating gases are giving you tears in your eyes. Miners are chopping pieces of sulfur in the middel of blasts of smoke. Right behind them is the blue fire. There are only two vulcano’s in the world with this phenomena, and this is the biggest.

Was it the cold, the anorganic gasses, the fatigue or combination of them all that made me halucinative? Just watch your self what I saw in the blue flames…

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